Let us bring delicious, nutritious meals directly to your door with Complete Cuisine.

Complete Cuisine is a home/office meal delivery service available for any age demographic at an affordable price point.

Complete Cuisine offers entrees and side dishes sure to please any palate as well as any budget. The versatile menu includes more than 35 items including Apple Teriyaki Salmon, Power Bowls, soups, vegetarian and side dish options. The minimum purchase order must be $45.00.

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To view a PDF of the menu for easy download, please click here.

Side Dishes

We have an extensive range of sides that will fit absolutely any appetite. Served a la carte, our wide variety of options and flavors are the perfect addition to any entree.

Vegetarian Options

Besides our beef and poultry, we also offer a diverse lineup of vegetarian options…All of which are low sodium.


Since our menu is a la carte, you can pick and choose your favorite items for a delicious week of meals. We will give you the best combinations of possible side and main dishes- Just pick and enjoy!